Albertini Talks Related to Ban Captain Bonucci

Albertini Talks Related to Ban Captain Bonucci

Demetrio Albertini questioned AC Milan’s decision to hand the armband to Leonardo Bonucci.

Because the former Juventus is one of the new players this season. And his arrival was so surprising because previously the player was one of the team’s main stars in the last six seasons.

Hijrah to San Siro, the Italian national team defender immediately got the main place in the squad Vincenzo Montella. And unsparing, the Italian defender was also directly appointed as team captain.

However, many have questioned the captain’s post, and even Bonucci is reportedly intent on putting the captain’s armband on another player.

“Sellau suli tuntuk evaluate this situation, but I think he was selected based on hypothetical starting XI regular. And that dipoin, a charismatic figure like Bonuci could be the right figure to take pressure from Gianluigi Donnarumma or other players, “he said.

“And personally, after experiencing a lot of atmosphere in the dressing room, I believe if the leader is not a figure with a captain’s armband, but rather to a charismatic figure.”

Gabriel Jesus More Comfortable Duet with Sergio Aguero

Gabriel Jesus More Comfortable Duet with Sergio Aguero

Manchester City striker, Gabriel Jesus, feels more comfortable duet with Sergio Aguero on the front lines of The Citizens. Gabriel was refused if his relationship with Aguero began to split.

“Sergio and I are very well connected, he is a great guy We all know what Sergio players are, but he is a fantastic player and I am his fans,” Gabriel said.

“It’s good to play with him, if you have a good relationship off the pitch, it’s easier to take him to the field, that’s what we have,” he continued.

Both attackers from South America is reportedly involved unhealthy competition to fight a place in attack line Manchester City. Aguero disappointed because City manager, Pep Guardiola, often pulled over and more often play Gabriel.

Although now no longer a top choice, Sergio Aguero managed to record his name as Manchester City’s all-time top scorer. He has now scored 177 goals, matching City’s legend, Eric Brook.

“We help each other and that helps Manchester City, I support him and I hope to beat that record as soon as possible, he deserves to be the club’s top scorer,” said Gabriel Jesus.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Conte Reluctant Leak Conversation Contents With Club Party

Conte Reluctant Leak Conversation Contents With Club Party

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte admitted that he was reluctant to divulge the contents of the conversation he did with the Blues

The Italian coach has just signed a new contract at the start of this season. The contract increases the salary received by the coach, but does not extend the contract duration of the coach.

This season, Chelsea did not appear as rare as last season, and some speculation circulated, saying the coach could be fired by the club, but Conte admits he is ready to fight for his position.

“Related to my talk with the club, I think I need to keep it a secret,” the Italian told reporters.

“It does not need to be conveyed to the media. Honestly, I consider it the most appropriate way. ”

“The greatest support for my position, is the work I do. This is the only support for me. ”

“Based on my experience, I know that it is the only thing that can support me. I do not know any other support. The main support for me is my job, and that’s the reason why I give all my skills, to my work. ”

“If this is enough, then OK. But if not enough, then the only support that can support me is the result of the work I do. “

Navas: We’re Disappointed With Tottenham’s Rebound

Navas: We’re Disappointed With Tottenham’s Rebound

Keylor Navas admitted that Real Madrid were not satisfied with a 1-1 draw against Tottenham Hotspur in Champions League yesterday.

Mauricio Pocchetino’s foster boy is lucky to take points at the Santiago Bernabeu, as Madrid failed to capitalize on a number of good chances after Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty equalized by Raphael Varane’s own goal.

Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris also made two super saves to thwart Ronaldo and Benzema’s chances in the second half but Navas also hit back by blocking Harry Kane’s shot and thwarting the visitors’ victory.

The Costa Rican player was frustrated by Madrid’s failure to win its third consecutive victory but felt it was only because they were unlucky.

“We are not satisfied,” he told reporters.

“We want to be, but we are grateful to be able to play well. They also have opportunities. It was a great game. ”

“Lloris made an important rescue, we tried to make chances but did not go the way we wanted, we tried not to concede but there were some situations that could not be controlled.”

“Hopefully in the future we can avoid conceding and can secure three points.”

Arsene Wenger Talks about the fate of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

Arsene Wenger Talks about the fate of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed the development of contract negotiations with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. According to Wenger, the discussion process went smoothly.

The future of Ozil and Sanchez in Arsenal is becoming a mystery. Because the contract of both players will end at the end of the 2017-2018 season. However, there has been no sign of Ozil and Sanchez adding to the contract.

The situation makes both are often rumored to leave immediately from Emirates Stadium. The reason, a number of big European clubs want their services.

Wenger did not dismiss the possibility of Ozil and Sanchez leave. However, the French manager also said if both players were happy at Arsenal.

“I think both players are happy and I hope that this problem can be resolved soon but we are not close to an agreement to announce it,” said Wenger.

“We have no boundary to reach an agreement, and in these circumstances both players have a chance to go as a solution,” he continued.

Mesut Ozil has reinforced Arsenal since being bought from Real Madrid in 2013. Alexis Sanchez came one year ago from Barcelona.

Source: BBC

List of 23 countries that won the 2018 World Cup Ticket, Messi et al qualified

List of 23 countries that won the 2018 World Cup Ticket, Messi et al qualified

Argentina national team managed to ensure a place in the 2018 World Cup

Had expected not to escape, Argentina managed to win with a convincing 3-1 over Ecuador through Lionel Messi hat-trick.

Messi’s glorious appearance followed by Luis Suarez who helped Uruguay through a 4-2 victory over Bolivia.

Meanwhile, Colombia became the fourth country in the South American Zone to ensure themselves qualify for the 2018 World Cup after Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

In the North American and Caribbean Zone, Panama became the last country to escape automatically.

This is the first time Panama participated in the world’s largest interstate football event.

The North American and Caribbean zones have previously passed Mexico and Costa Rica to the 2018 World Cup.

Previously, the European Zone had received 10 automatic escaped representatives, namely France, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium, Iceland and Russia acting as the host.

The Asian Zone has also sent representatives through Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.

The African Zone has also confirmed two representatives, namely Nigeria and Egypt.

There are still nine slots in the 2018 World Cup group rounds that will be contested through the play-offs.

Here are 23 countries that have ensured themselves qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals until Wednesday (11/10/2017):

1.Russia (host)
2.Brasil (first rank South America zone, date passed March 28, 2017)
3.Iran (Group A Asian zone winner, June 12, 2017)
4.Jepang (winner of Group B Asian zone, 31st August 2017)
5.Mexico (CONCACAF zone winner, September 1, 2017)
6.Belgia (Group H European zone winner, 3 September 2017)
7. South Korea (second in Group A Asia zone, 5 September 2017)
8.Arab Arabia (ranked second Group B Asian zone, 5 September 2017)
9.German (Group C winner of the European zone, 5 October 2017)
10.English (Group F European zone winner, 5 October 2017)
11.Spanish (Group G European zone winner, 6th October 2017)
12.Nigeria (Group B winner African zone, October 7, 2017)
13. Costa Rica (second-place CONCACAF zone, 7 October 2017)
14.Poland (European Group E champion Europa, 8 October 2017)
15.Mesir (Group E winners African zone, October 8, 2017)
16.Serbia (European Group D champion Europa, 9 October 2017)
17.Islandia (Group I European zone winners, 9 October 2017)
18.France (Europa League Group A champions, 10 October 2017)
19.Portugal (European Group B winner of the zone, 10 October 2017

After Ronaldo, Real Madrid defender dragged into a Tax Case

After Ronaldo, Real Madrid defender dragged into a Tax Case

After Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish tax authorities are now targeting other Real Madrid players, Marcelo. Defender Los Blancos, nicknamed Real Madrid, allegedly embezzling taxes starting 2013.

Quoted from the Spanish media, Mundo Deportivo, Spanish tax authorities are investigating Marcelo who neglected to pay his obligations. Marcelo did not pay a tax of 400 thousand euros.

Local tax authorities will extend the problem to explore this issue. Because, they think Marcelo has committed financial crimes in Spain.

In Spanish law, tax evasion of more than 120 thousand euros will be firm action from the police.

Previously, in the summer, Ronaldo also tangled the same problem with Marcelo. Ronaldo is accused of tax evasion in 2011 to 2014.

32-year-old man was accused of mengemplang tax of 14 million euros. In fact, Real Madrid’s mainstay player was threatened seven years in prison.

Spalletti Satisfied With Inter Victory

Spalletti Satisfied With Inter Victory

Inter Milan coach, Luciano Spalletti claimed happy with the victory of his 2-1 squad over Benevento at the weekend.

The 2-1 victory is the seventh Nerazzurri game in seven League matches so far.

“Our players should be proud of what they have done so far,” Spalletti said after two goals by Marcelo Brozovic lifted Inter into second place in the standings. “We deserve it.”

“Sometimes people analyze things in excess.”

“But I think we do everything with difficulty, even though at times we sometimes can not maintain that quality.”

“I am very happy and very satisfied. Changing the team mentality is not an easy thing at all. ”

“We came from a time when many of them increased, but then had time to fall.”

“But the obvious thing is we still need to improve ourselves and it has to be done.”