Pilar Persib Not Joined, Gomez Maximize Training Players

Pilar Persib Not Joined, Gomez Maximize Training Players

The absence of a number of players Persib pillars do not make coach Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez postponed the exercise program. Reluctant to take a headache with the situation, Gomez also involves the young players from Training Persib.

Friday (15/12/2017) morning, Gomez bringing seven players from Persib U-19 to engage in training.

“(The player is not complete) Not annoying, I am happy because there are still players from Persib junior.I think for the future of the children, it can help us,” Gomez said after leading the morning training session.

Gomez also opened the door width-width for young players for promotion to the senior team. However, of course through a gradual process.

“I like (young players) but this is slowly, not taking it all now, we are still waiting for the senior players are still not coming, I want to take it from below, there is time for them,” he said.

Gomez hopes the absent players will soon join so that the training program can run optimally in preparation for the tournament of the President Cup.

“We start all hopefully on Monday (get together),” he said.

The 1991 SEA Games Football Gold Skip Also Received Award from Menpora

The 1991 SEA Games Football Gold Skip Also Received Award from Menpora

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) rewarded sporting legends for its achievement in the name of the nation. No exception, the football players who won a gold medal in the 1991 SEA Games.

Night Anugerah Sports legend Indonesia held at the Hotel Bidakara, Senayan, Wednesday (13/12/2017). Robby Darwis cs became one who received the award from Menpora Imam Nahrawi. Each receives Rp 40 million in cash and a charter.

Dervish claims to be proud of the appreciation given by the government. Although admitted he has been concerned enough government with him and his fellow athletes.

“We appreciate the Minister of Sport and Kemenpora about this event because we rarely come to this event, I feel that all this time either from the respective parent or from the Kemenpora still paying attention to us We are still prosperous because with that attention means they do not forget the athletes of legend athletes who scent Indonesian names like us, “said Robby.

“Hopefully this award can be a motivation for other athletes to be able to achieve the achievements and the good name of Indonesia in the international arena,” he said again.

Robby and his colleagues received an award for being considered to contribute in the name of the nation. Yes, Robby cs ever recorded history after winning the SEA Games 1991 Manila. The team that diarsiteki Anatoli Polsin successfully beat the Thai national team on penalties 4-3.

For Indonesia, this title became the second after the previous grand party of Southeast Asian countries in 1987. At that time Indonesia national team beat Malaysia 1-0 in the final game.

Since then, the national team has never won gold SEA Games. The best performance of the Red and White team is runner-up in the 1997, 2011 and 2013 editions.

Robby also hopes with Indonesia to host the Asian Games next year, could be the momentum of the revival of football ground water. Moreover, Indonesia has never won.

“Hopefully we can be the best, and become the athlete’s momentum to excel at the Asian Games, because we know that athletes are currently underperforming,” he said.

“However, as the hosts hopefully get into the semifinals and even get through to the final round, so I pray to be the best at the Asian Games because I know that during the games asian soccer branch has never felt as champion,” he revealed.

Red Card, Pogba Absent at Derby Manchester

Red Card, Pogba Absent at Derby Manchester

The victory at home to Arsenal left a stain for Manchester United Agen piala dunia 2018. Paul Pogba was told to be absent at Manchester Derby next week.

On a visit to Arsenal headquarters at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (3/12/2017), MU won 3-1 thanks to two goals from Jesse Lingard who opened Antonio Valencia goal in the early minutes of the game. Arsenal could reduce the score by Alexandre Lacazette.

Pogba himself look slick in the game with donations of two assists for Valencia goals and Lingard second goal. Pogba almost perfect performance if there is no incident that happened to him in the 74th minute.

Losing the ball while in midfield, Pogba tried to chase but Hector Bellerin preceded him. Pogba who stuck out his legs finally stepped on Bellerin.

Referee Andre Marriner who was close to the incident mercilessly brandished a red card and Pogba had to end the fight faster. Lucky MU did not lose the advantage of two goals that have been obtained.

Red card is a disaster for MU considering Pogba automatically miss three games. That means the French midfielder should be absent during home games at Old Trafford next week to face top standings Manchester City on Sunday (10/12) night local time.

“It’s a big loss but the team has players who can adapt to that condition, all players have to work hard to enter the starting XI,” Lingard told BBC.

In addition Pogba also could not appear against West Bromwich Albion and Bournemouth. Suspensions for him could be longer considering Pogba acts sarcastically by clapping his hands as he leaves the field.

Noted Opta, this is Pogba’s first red card in 4.5 years after the latter got it while defending Juventus against Palermo in May 2013.

MU burden to win at home City more and more heavy considering they’ve lost the other midfield duo, Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini.