Albertini Talks Related to Ban Captain Bonucci

Albertini Talks Related to Ban Captain Bonucci

Demetrio Albertini questioned AC Milan’s decision to hand the armband to Leonardo Bonucci.

Because the former Juventus is one of the new players this season. And his arrival was so surprising because previously the player was one of the team’s main stars in the last six seasons.

Hijrah to San Siro, the Italian national team defender immediately got the main place in the squad Vincenzo Montella. And unsparing, the Italian defender was also directly appointed as team captain.

However, many have questioned the captain’s post, and even Bonucci is reportedly intent on putting the captain’s armband on another player.

“Sellau suli tuntuk evaluate this situation, but I think he was selected based on hypothetical starting XI regular. And that dipoin, a charismatic figure like Bonuci could be the right figure to take pressure from Gianluigi Donnarumma or other players, “he said.

“And personally, after experiencing a lot of atmosphere in the dressing room, I believe if the leader is not a figure with a captain’s armband, but rather to a charismatic figure.”

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