Conte Reluctant Leak Conversation Contents With Club Party

Conte Reluctant Leak Conversation Contents With Club Party

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte admitted that he was reluctant to divulge the contents of the conversation he did with the Blues

The Italian coach has just signed a new contract at the start of this season. The contract increases the salary received by the coach, but does not extend the contract duration of the coach.

This season, Chelsea did not appear as rare as last season, and some speculation circulated, saying the coach could be fired by the club, but Conte admits he is ready to fight for his position.

“Related to my talk with the club, I think I need to keep it a secret,” the Italian told reporters.

“It does not need to be conveyed to the media. Honestly, I consider it the most appropriate way. ”

“The greatest support for my position, is the work I do. This is the only support for me. ”

“Based on my experience, I know that it is the only thing that can support me. I do not know any other support. The main support for me is my job, and that’s the reason why I give all my skills, to my work. ”

“If this is enough, then OK. But if not enough, then the only support that can support me is the result of the work I do. “

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