Pilar Persib Not Joined, Gomez Maximize Training Players

Pilar Persib Not Joined, Gomez Maximize Training Players

The absence of a number of players Persib pillars do not make coach Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez postponed the exercise program. Reluctant to take a headache with the situation, Gomez also involves the young players from Training Persib.

Friday (15/12/2017) morning, Gomez bringing seven players from Persib U-19 to engage in training.

“(The player is not complete) Not annoying, I am happy because there are still players from Persib junior.I think for the future of the children, it can help us,” Gomez said after leading the morning training session.

Gomez also opened the door width-width for young players for promotion to the senior team. However, of course through a gradual process.

“I like (young players) but this is slowly, not taking it all now, we are still waiting for the senior players are still not coming, I want to take it from below, there is time for them,” he said.

Gomez hopes the absent players will soon join so that the training program can run optimally in preparation for the tournament of the President Cup.

“We start all hopefully on Monday (get together),” he said.

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